CMC Training

On this page you’ll find a program that we’ve created specifically for those training for the Civilian Military Combine on May 17th. Each week consists of:

  • 2 metcons (metabolic conditioning) designed to help you dominated the Pit
  • 2 conditioning days, usually consisting of interval training
  • 1 longer endurance day, perfect for running outside now that the weather is finally breaking!
  • 2 strength days to build you strength for the Pit and work on skills that will help you during the obstacle course
  • 2 rest/mobility days for stretching, mobilizing and/or yoga

CMC Team Training Collage

Follow this program and come May, you’ll be ready to crush anything that is thrown your way. Check back each Sunday for the program for the following week.

Let us know in the comments if you have questions on any of the program. If you’d like help creating a strength program, contact us at and we’d be more than happy to help.

Happy training!



Download PDF: CMC Training Week 7

imageDownload PDF: CMC Training Week 6

CMC Training Week 5

Download PDF: CMC Training Week 5

CMC Training Week 4

Download PDF: CMC Training Week 4

CMC Training Program Week of 4.7 Download PDF: CMC Training Week 3 CMC week 2 Download PDF: CMC Training Week 2 CMC Training Week 1 Download PDF: CMC Training Week 1


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